Easter Snow Scenes

It was March 21st, 2008, the first day of spring.† It was also Good Friday and it snowed 10 inches in Victoria.† It will be another 152 years before Good Friday falls again this early on the calendar.† It could be 152 years before it snows again on Good Friday.† The entire Easter Weekend was White and also Wonderful.

The Norgaards came down from The North for a couple overnights (Hi, Addie and Gunnar) and Nick and Jen drove over from Maple Grove.

This is what our backyard looked like before the little footprints arrived.

Our front walk, not used so much in the winter, was just beginning to become navigable

After my Easter dinner some of us laid around in the living room.† Hi, Jenny and Christopher.

And some were entertained by the children.† Hi, Jen and Nick.† Having fun?

Allan propped up our Christmas tree outside almost three months ago.† Still fits the season, if not the occasion.

Appears to be the dead of winter, but the snow was totally gone ten days later when temperatures hit 55 degrees on Thursday, April 3rd.† Shall we check downtown Victoria on Good Friday, 2008?

The Victoria House is always warm and inviting inside.

I keep seeing those old picture postcards when I look at this shot of downtown Victoria.† The Clocktower Building and the traffic signal at the end of Main Street tell me itís of a much newer vintage, however.

A hot fudge sundae with peanuts might hit the spot, or maybe a Blizzard!†

The Lake Auburn Moravian Church in Victoria was picturesque, perfect for a Christmas card as a matter of fact.

Everyone was anticipating Resurrection Sunday.

But everyone knows we had first get through Good Friday, 2008.

Love, Sue