Rendezvous with Relatives

Hi, Father Ferdinand Jennen.  It's good to see you again.

Father Jennen is a relative and also a friend that we became acquainted with upon our first visit to Hasselt in 1997.  He took us to see his sister Benny who lives in Dilsen, about a half hour from Hasselt.

"Allan, would you take a picture of us?"

Thank you, Benny, for the delicious fruit dessert at your table and fun conversation about the relatives.

Just down the road a piece is the home of Theophil and Josee Keymis.  Josee is the relative.  Father Jennen remained seated on their patio as we toured their backyard gardens.

Sitting in the shade and sun are (left to right) Fr. Ferdinand, Theophil, Josee, and yours truly.  Looking up relationships and checking family history was the order of the day.  Theophil happens to be related to the Dircks in Marshall, Minnesota.

It was a gorgeous day for a stroll through the pretty blooming place.

Are those daffodils or narcissus in the background?  The answer depends on whether you're American or Belgian or Norwegian. 

Allan, the Norwegian, asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers.

Farewell, Theophil and Josee.  We'll pass on all your hugs and kisses to my mom and dad.

Father Jennen's sister Mariette joined us at the dinner table of a local restaurant, which was just a short walk from her home in Lanklaar.

Mariette insisted we drive over to here daughter Reinhilde's home.  Pictured are the three generations of Mariette, her daughter Reinhilde, and granddaughter Charlotte.  The relative from across the ocean is on the far right.  Are we third or fourth or fifth cousins?

Father Ferdinand was getting pretty tired by this time of the evening, but he accommodated one picture inside Reinhilde's home.  Thank you, everyone, for your generosity of time and photography.

Before the evening was over, we also visited Mariette's home and found her husband Josef Dreesen up and waiting for us.  It was, in fact, only 8 p.m.  Josef still has a couple homing pigeons that he raises but the glory years of racing them is gone.  "It is finished," he said.

Father Jennen, are you still awake?  Thank you, Mariette and Josef, for your hospitality.

Back at his room in Hasselt, Father Jennen checks his email.  If you look carefully, you can see the Victoria Gazette on his desk.

The relative from Victoria, Minnesota, sends a couple emails on the handy computer.

We offered one final toast the next day with a scotch ale before we bid our sad goodbyes.  Thank you, Ferdinand, for everything.  So good to see you again.  Click here for more Dutch Treat.

NOT the End

Love, Sue

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