Discover Victoria Day 2016

The End

Saturday, May 14th, turned into a pretty nice day compared to the earlier May days.  It was a bit windy but not too bad to stand in line in sunshine outside for Party Pizza made and served by Roger  and Michelle Hammers of Victoria.

The delicious pizza came in three varieties that afternoon — pepperoni, sausage, and double cheese.

Inside there were 30 vendors lining the walls and center floor of the gym in the Victoria Rec Center.  This is Kelly Darcourt, the Events and Program Manager for the SW Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Pastor Brian Dixon of the Moravian Church of Lake Aubrn, left, and church member Phil Mitchell, recently returned from a mission trip to Nepal.

Amber Olson is a greeter at the Victoria House.  People who stopped by her table registered to win a Chef’s Dinner for Four.

Ethan Johnson, Valerie Paul, Dominic Paul, and Michael Donadio design and build robots as members of the Chanhassen High School Stormbots.

Kayla Rightler is an Independent Consultant for Pure Haven Essentials, offering safe non-toxic products.

Jean Dunker, Kevin Krenos, and Jackie Burford represented some of the many products and services available at KleinBank Victoria.

Katherine Foerster is the Gardening Services Manager at the Hartman Tree Farm and Garden Center.

Jen Kramer and daughter Iris are entertained by Sneaky the Clowun.

Kathy Bogninni is Director of the Victoria Library, which is part of the Carver County Library System.

Another pizza picture.  Left to right:  Erin Smith (Victoria Senior Planner), Holly Kaufhold (Victoria  Park and Recreation Supervisor), Michelle and Roger Hammers (Party Pizza), and Marlene Kaufhold (Holly’s grandmother and Michelle’s mother).  Love that pizza.