Discover Victoria Day

                 It was one of our first beautiful spring days here in Victoria.  Such spring days and temperate temps have been slow in coming, but they're worth the wait.  Approximately 400 citizens and community people attended the annual Discover Victoria Day on Saturday, May 17th, 2014, at the Victoria Recreation Center.  Said Randy Miller, president of the Victoria Business Association,"Discover Victoria Day is gaining in popularity and becoming an annual spring event for our community of Victoria."

                 Nearly 70 vendors with smiling faces, conversation, treats, gifts, and much information awaited visitors in the spacious gymnasium of the Victoria Recreation Center.  Discover Victoria Day is jointly sponsored by the City of Victoria and the VBA.  Below are a few of the vendors I visited.

The End … Till Next Year

Visitors loved the four-foot Party Pizza served up by owners Michelle and Roger Hammers.  Victoria Park & Rec Director Ann Mahnke helped serve.

Christie Wood is the Garden Center Manager at the Hartman Tree Farm and Garden Center located on Bavaria Road in Victoria.

The Reverend Gail Berger of The Blessing House, located on Church Lake Boulevard in Victoria, works with volunteers Jennifer and Jeff Baldwin at Discover Victoria Day.

WeCAB provides the safe, affordable, flexible, and supplemental transportation for seniors and others.  Represented here by (l-r):  Program Director LuAnn Fransen, Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik, Former Victoria Mayor Mary Thun, and Victoria Senior Commissioner Jim Hoffman.

Erin Robbins is Customer Service Representative for the Cornerstone Insurance Agency, which will be moving its headquarters to the new Lakeside Building under construction on Stieger Lake in Victoria.

Jonathan Lueck is an Attorney at Law and Certified Public Accountant who is relocating his office to the new Lakeside Building under construction on Stieger Lake in Victoria.

Dr. Kandace Johnson and her Power of Life clinic in Victoria improves health through chiropractic work and advanced clinical nutrition.  Dr. Kandace is moving her practice to the new Lakeside Building.

Ruth Ertl, owner of Real Deals Home Décor, is celebrating five years in the business.  Her store, which recently doubled in size, is located on Stieger Lake Lane in Victoria.

Debbie Kelly is the founder of WOW, which stands for Walk on Water.  The program uses water sports as a way to disciple young people in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Snap Fitness, located in downtown Victoria, is represented here by Jon Madsen, left, manager and personal trainer, and Jay Hancock, owner and personal trainer.

Mary Huseby, owner of Kettle Creek Kitchen, specializes in jams and sauces of distinction — like Wild Blueberry, Pineapple Mango Salsa, and Chocolate Mint Fudge.