Dinner with Choir Friends

Love, Sue

For the most part, I hadn't seen these old choir friends since the end of 2015, when I quit playing piano for them at the St. Victoria Catholic Church.

Choir friend Judy Janish arranged a party at the Victoria House where we had dinner, hung out a while, and enjoyed each other once again.

Judy Janish and Diane Robinson.

Nancy Vogt and Georgia Kandiko.

Tom Vogt, Father Bob White, Bert Tellers, Darryl Ekstrom.

In front, the McNallan family Patrick, Michelle, and daughter Kierra.  In back, Chuck Freiberg.

Cowboy Tom Stumpf and his fiancé Patti Bartusek.

Sherri Ekstrom, Ann Raser, Jeanette Hay, Ellen O’Malley.

Ellen O’Malley, Chuck Schmidt, Gary Foehringer, Carol Schmidt.

Dick Ertl and Allan Orsen.

Kierra and her mom Michelle McNallan and Ruth Ertl.

Julie Schmieg, Joni Jeurissen, Patty Schlader.

Father Bob, Michelle and Kierra, Me, Tom and Patti.

Another photo of some of us.  Thank you, good choir friends.