Dinner at Nancy’s

My sister Nancy invited us to their house on Christmas Day, and so we drove to Ghent that morning and back to Victoria after dinner.  This would be the first time in many years — maybe 20 — that our parents would be home for Christmas and not in Texas. 

Thank you, Nancy and Steve, for the invitation and delicious prime rib.  It was the best we’ve ever had.

Mom is seated here between a grandson (Joe Claeys) and her husband (Joe Claeys).   Mom continues with therapy two and three times a week in Marshall since her open heart surgery in Rochester in October.

Jenny and Christopher and their little ones Addie and Gunnar drove with us from Victoria, since they were home in Victoria (from Tioga, ND) for our own family Christmas.

That’s my brother Bernie with me.

Bernie’s wife Margene, Nancy and Steve’s daughter Lori, and Allan.

My brother Paul and his wife Sharon.

Bernie and Margene’s son Jake (brother of Joe) and his wife Bridget, expecting their second baby.

Seated between our grandchildren Addie and Gunnar is little Olivia, daughter of Jake and Bridget.

Thanks again, Steve and Nancy, for the delicious dinner.  Happy New Year.

Love, Susan