At the Pool

As usual, we stay at the AmericInn in Marshall when we go home.  Addie and Gunnar are especially familiar with the place and love the pool.  All four of our grandchildren are little fish.

Hi, Sweet Adeline.

Addie and Gunnar are friends and playmates as well as sister and brother.

Addie and little cousin Sophie.  Jenny and her SmartPhone are taking the picture too.

A little fish who tried to splash Grandma Sue.

Mia also loves the water but is a little more careful.

Doug was like the whale and the little boys swarmed around him like minnows.

Gunnar said later to his mom, “I didn’t know he was your uncle.  I thought he was just a guy.”

Jonah (grandson of Nancy) and Gunnar are good buddies.

John Paul and Emily.

Keeping an eye on the kids and visiting a bit before bed.