Happy 90th, Papa

My mom and dad, Joe and Betty Ann Claeys, at Dadís 90th birthday party at the ballroom in Ghent, MN.† Dadís birthday is March 5th.† The party was on Saturday, March 7th.

†My dad, my daughter Jenny, and two of my grandchildren, Sophie, left, and Addie, behind Dad.† Itís a four generation photo if you consider that Iím the one taking the picture.

My Mom and two of her 30-plus great grandchildren, Sophie and Mia Orsen.

My son Nick, the dad to Sophie and Mia.

All of us sang Happy Birthday to Dad.

We did a good job!

We made a point of taking some family pictures after a delicious fried chicken dinner that also included salads and pizza and everything good to eat.

Dad and Mom and their four boys (l-r):† Bernie, Louie, Matt, and Paul.

Dad and Mom and their three girls (l-r):† Susan, Barb, and Nancy.

Dad and Mom and their seven kids (l-r):† Susan, Barb, Nancy, Bernie, Louie, Matt, and Paul.† Yes, the seven of us are in descending order from oldest to youngest.

Dad and Mom and their seven kids with their spouses (l-r):† Allan and Sue Orsen of Victoria, MN; Doug and Barb Leibfried of Prior Lake, MN; Steve and Nancy Boerboom of Ghent, MN; Bernie and Marge Claeys of Ghent, MN; Louie, Ghent; Suzanne and Matt Claeys of Philadelphia, PA; Sharon and Paul Claeys of Marshall, MN.

Dad and Mom and all the family who came to the 90th birthday party.† I counted 17 who were unable to come including three grandchildren and their families.

Actually, there were four Happy Birthday cakes ó for Joe, Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa.† They were delicious.

Nick and his little ones, again.

Jenny and her Christopher.

Allan, our nephew Billy Boerboom, and his dad Steve.

Grandpa Al helps Mia with the chocolate cake.

Christopher and Dad talking about things.

My brother Bernie, his wife Margene, and their youngest son Joe.

My brother in law Doug and his two daughters Alissa and Erin and Erinís husband Tye.† In the background is Lissyís boyfriend Kyle.

My sister Nancyís daughter Lori and her daughter Tori.† Nancyís son Wade on the right.

A close-up Ö Lissy, Erin and Tye.

Emily, wife of John Paul (Barbís son), and sleeping daughter Grace.

Nick and Joe.

My brothers Matt and Paul, seated.† Emily and John Paul, standing.

Billy and Chris.

Sophie and Mia, Tiffany (sister to Tori), and Lucy (daughter of Erin and Tye).

Some of the little boys:† In front, Jesse (son of Sonya and Dustin).† In back, Wyatt (youngest of Billy and Missy), Gunnar (son of Jenny and Chris)), Jonah (son of Sonya and Dustin), and Jack (brother of Lucy).

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for the wonderful birthday party.†

More of Nancyís kids.† On the right, Wade, Sonya, and Lori.† Spouses Joy and Dustin on the left.

Jenny and Chris visiting with the Boerbooms.