At the Farm

On Sunday morning we went to church at Ghent and then to Mom and Dad’s.  Above, four generations:  Jenny, Mom, Me, and Addie.  Each of us is the oldest of our siblings.

Love, Susan

The birthday boy visited with grandson Joe (Bernie’s son), Christopher, and Allan.

Mom’s box of  toys are very familiar to Jenny but brand new to Sophie and Mia.

After dinner, we asked Dad to show us some of his stuff.

He’s got two monster sheds, each filled with trucks and farm equipment — most of it not new, he said.  My brothers have the newer equipment at their own farms.

Dad purchased this particular tractor years ago when I was a little girl.  He bought it used from a nearby farmer and I drove it all the way home, all by myself, when I was maybe 10.

Dad said he drove a tractor like this when he was a little boy.  Dad grew up two  miles from here.  So did Mom, in the other direction.

Gunnar, Jenny, Dad, Addie, Me and Mia, Christopher.

Then we walked down to the other equipment shed.  It was a beautiful weekend.

Then it was time to head back to the Cities.  That’s Nick’s car heading down the driveway.

The morning sun through the east window made it very bright in the kitchen.

Gunnar  has many farm toys and farm games at home in Tioga, ND.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a wonderful 90th birthday party and delicious Sunday dinner.