Cousins on Lake Minnetonka

Two of Allan's cousins and their husbands joined us for an afternoon cruising Lake Minnetonka in July.  It was a beautiful day, shortly before the heat wave hit.

The first cousins are Sandy Jenson (left) and Susan Boatman (center). 

Visiting with the Captain are Joe Boatman and Cal Jenson (with the cap).

Joe Boatman knows the meaning of the word "relax."

But we made him sit up and face the camera for a moment.

Allan's dad Irven and his Uncle Norman were brothers to Sandy's mother Tillie Levin.

Susan jumped in for a little late afternoon swim.

Our son Nick and some of his friends were leaving Lord Fletcher's just as we were arriving.

Everyone got plenty of sun, but nobody was burned.  Hi, Cal and Sandy.

Hi, Joe and Sue.

The sun is starting to go down.  Time to head home.

The sky stayed perfectly clear for the entire day.  Thanks, Cousins, for joining us on the lake.  It was delightful.

The End

Love, Sue