Cousins at the Counter

Allan’s cousins from Richfield, New Brighton, and Norway (yes, Norway!) joined us at my kitchen counter for Sunday lunch on Sunday, July 5th.  That’s Sue and Joe Boatman on the left, Sandy Jensen resting on her wrist, her husband Cal in the pink shirt, and Caryn and Per Inge Vik from Norway.  Per Inge is a Lutheran pastor who has served at a church in St. Paul these last three years.

They thought I should also be in the picture.

Susan’s dad (Orville Orsen) was a sister to Sandy’s mom (Tillie Levin) and brother to Allan’s dad (Irven Orsen).

Caryn is a third or fourth cousin to Allan, Susan, and Sandy.

Caryn got out the maps so we know just where to go when we visit them some day.  She said that Allan reminds her very much of an uncle in Norway.

Joe said he never plays pool, yet he beat everybody.

Per Inge and Caryn returned to their children and family in Norway in mid July. 

Thank you for coming, cousins, and sitting at my counter.

Love, Sue