Cousins at Christmas

Three of Allan's first cousins (Sandy and Susan) and their spouses attended the St. Victoria Choir Concert on Sunday evening, December 9th, and then came to our house for a bite to eat and a gift exchange. Our son Nick and Jen also came to the choir concert and to our house.  So did a few choir friends and it got a little bit noisy and also fun.  A few days later Dennis, Linda, and Daniel Orsen dropped by our house for supper.  It was good to see all the cousins at Christmas.

That's Cal and Sandy Jensen seated, and Susan and Joe Boatman on the right.

The cousins -- Sandy, Allan, Susan.

It was wonderful to see Nick and Jen at the concert and afterwards.  Thanks for coming, kids.

Hi, Sue.  Hi, Joe.

Hi, Sandy.  Hi, Cal.

And then shortly after Christmas we were surprised and delighted to see Allan's cousin Dennis Orsen, his wife Linda, and son Daniel who drove to the Cities, Minneota, and Iowa from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to visit family and friends.

Daniel played the violin for us and he is quite the virtuoso.  Just excellent.  Dennis said that everyone probably has a gene for music -- latent or otherwise -- but his son probably inherited his musical talent from Great Grandpa Sever Kompelien.  As a matter of fact, Daniel is shown here with the violin of Grandpa Sever, restored at a cost of several thousand dollars.

Daniel was also masterful with the viola.  Thank you, cousins of Allan, for gracing our home this Christmas season.  And thank you, Daniel, for the gift of your very own concert in our home.

Love, Sue