Cousins Counting 60!

One of Allan's cousins got the bright idea to celebrate 60th birthdays together since so many of those cousins were/are turning 60 about the same time.  We met at Keegan's Irish restaurant in Minneapolis for dinner and birthday shenanigans on Sunday, November 18th.

One of the birthday group is not yet 60, so I didn't think it was necessary to say "Uff da" at this time.  That's Allan on the left, of course, and next to me is Sandy Jensen and then Pat Brennan.  Allan's dad was Irven Orsen.  Sandy's mom was Tillie (Orsen) Levin.  Pat's mom was Berniece (Orsen) Brennan.

Susan Boatman, who won't be 60 for a couple or so years yet, brought a cake and lots of candles.  That's her husband Joe helping with the matches.  Sue's dad was Orville Orsen.

There was a lot of wind, so the candles went out easy.

Pat has two younger women in his life.  That's wife Violet in the middle and his sister Sheila in red.
Pat and Vi live in South Saint Paul.  Sheila lives in Rosemount.

Susan's older brother Noel also came to the birthday party from Minneota.  Joe and Sue live in New Brighton.

And Sandy's husband Cal was also there.  They live in Richfield.

These two people live together in Victoria, Minnesota.

The only first cousins missing were John and Sharon Levin, who live in Litchfield.

Love, Sue