Construction Page 5

                 These pictures were taken from May 28th through June 4th.  The finished product is becoming visible!  Every night when Allan came home from work, we walked around and looked at our new home.  It was awesome for us, and educational, and we were not even in a hurry.  We even looked forward to and enjoyed our evening meals downstairs where we’ve got a little bar-kitchenette with microwave oven and a large screen TV right in front of our “supper table.”

                 This page shows painting of garage doors and interior walls, finishing the granite backsplash, completing the stair railing, sanding the solid white oak floor, creating the ceramic stove-hood, installing the cabinet crown molding, tuck pointing at the fireplace, some yard work, the arrival of our new appliances, and the installation of the new kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.