Construction Page 1

                 The remodel job on our home began on April 14th, 2009, with Kerber Family Homes as our general contractor.  It was a big deal, not unlike building a brand new house.  I took pictures throughout the project and the progress was phenomenal each day for two solid months.  Kerber Family Homes includes Pete and Irene Kerber of Victoria and their adult children Brad and Jennifer who have families of their own. 

                 Where to start?  First the old cedar siding was ripped off.  Ouch!  Next, old windows were removed and replaced with new windows.  And then the house got all new permanent-material soffits — cream colored on the undersurface and “red” on the front.  Also, to add a little interest to the exterior, an eyebrow was constructed over the garage doors and back door.  All photos appear in the exact order they were taken.  Kerbers and their crew of contractors were here full time for two months and finished the project in those two months, but I kept taking pictures until the snow started to fly.  Our trees reveal the seasons as we take care of and tend to the home we first constructed in 1971.

We celebrated Allan’s birthday which is on April 20th.