(First) Concert in the Park ~ 2006

The musical evening of June 21st kicked off the Summer of 2006 in a delightful and brand new way, courtesy of the City of Victoria and several contributing sponsors. 

Approximately 300 to 400 people of all ages were drawn to the picturesque ball field at Lions Park in Victoria.  A ring of little girls joined hands and freely danced on the ball diamond in the late afternoon sun.

Bob and the Beachcombers brought back memories for the '50's and '60's crowd and made new memories for their children and grandchildren.

People sat in the outfield, danced on the diamond, and swayed with the familiar rhythmic melodies of yesteryear.  People clapped and visited and smiled for the entire 90 minutes.

Hi, Victoria Planning Commissioner Jerry Moja and Victoria City Councilmember Kim Roden.

Hi, Mayor Jerry Bohn and Marlene Bohn.

Little Caroline Pernat of Victoria was called on stage as the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her.  Caroline was born on the first day of summer in 2001 -- which means she's five!

Hi, Al Liestman, president of KleinBank of Victoria, and family -- wife Dana and children Breck, 5, Avery, 3, and Tucker, 7 months.

Bob and the Beachcombers knew how to entertain kids as well as adults.

There seemed to be a hoola hoop for anyone who stepped forward.

Some people sat alone; some sat in groups.  Front (l-r):  Sharon Hazelwood, RaNaye Miller, Rosie and Dave Williams.  Middle:  Evie Ess, LeRoy Miller, Mel Hazelwood.  Standing:  Yvonne Beneke, Loane and Joyce Burau.

The guys are brothers.  Hi, Charlie and Ellie Leuthner on the left and Rick and Peggy Leuthner on the right.

Hi, Bill and Maureen Bonner, pastors of Waterbrooke Fellowship in Victoria.  I believe you called that little fellow Buster.

Hi, Lois and Malcom MacAlpine of Victoria.

Hi, Paul and Laura Schullo of Victoria.

Mary Thun, left, and Kristy Mock are the cheerleaders behind the new Concert in the Park series being held every Wednesday evening through July at Lions Park in Victoria.  Mary Thun is a Victoria City Councilmember.  Kristy is the Victoria Parks and Recreation Supervisor.

Hi, Beatrice Mechtel of Victoria, and hi to your son Bob and his son Clayten, also of Victoria.

Victoria City Councilmember Richard Tieden, himself a scout at one time, posed with a few boy scouts at the Concert.

There was a ballgame in the nearby field and these folks got to hear the music as well as watch the game.  See you next Wednesday at the Concert.

The End

Love, Sue

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