Colorful Classic Cars

Classic car nights began this year in June and will continue into September.  Some of the most colorful classic cars seem to have arrived in July.

This 1956 Ford Thunderbird is owned by Paul and Linda Gustafson of Eden Prairie.  It features long black eyelashes, rhinestone eyeliner, feather boa, white sidewalls, and a spare tire, with a pink flamingo and pink sunglasses on the dash.

From a window seat inside the Victoria House, we watched a parade of colorful cars go by.

This 1960 Volvo Model 544 is owned by John Dressen of Chaska.  The two-door four-passenger vehicle was made by Volvo from 1947 to 1966.  Fuel economy for these cars was above average in the U.S.

Chris Jesberg, son of Steve and Carol Ann Jesberg of Minnetonka, bought the red Corvette not very long ago.  “It’s the funnest, coolest car I have ever owned,” said Chris.  “I love it.”

As I said, July 2016 seems to have brought some of the most colorful classic cars to Victoria.

Christine Jean of Victoria delivers ice cold water to volunteers working at Classic Car Nights, with a contraption built by a neighbor, Dave Beneke.

“It’s sort of a rat rod wagon made from an old baby buggy and car parts and other junk I had laying around,” said Dave.  “It’s become kind of a rolling artwork for me.  No motor.  The tail lights do work.”