Classic Cars Continue

Walking and talking and looking at old cars on Wednesday evenings in downtown Victoria doesnít get old, partly because it has been a perfect summer weather-wise on Classic Car Nights.† This was Aug. 5th.

This 1950 Ford spoke for itself, in letter form, to all those who walked by.

This isnít a Ford, a Chevy, a Buick, a Chrysler, or any other familiar make.† But itís photogenic.

Were you born before or after they built this car?

Music wasnít planned to be part of this particular Classic Car Night ó until the Hartmans stepped up and spent their own money to get the Greg Michaels Band for us.†

It just so happens that Christopher Hartman (far right), son of Jerry and Anne Hartman, is the bandís bass guitar player.

Enjoying the Victoria House patio.† Standing:† Christopher Hartman (son of Jerry and Anne).† Seated (l-r):† Denny Stedman (resident of Florida, father in law of Jerry), Caroline Hartman (mother of Debby, Jerry, Terry, and Jeff), Debby Hartman Wrolson, Monica and Terry Hartman.

This vantage point, with the Stieger Lake condos in the background, is from the new, still gravel, Rose Street Parking Lot, former site of the old Village Hall, demolished in July.