It wasn’t Black Friday at the Old Log Theater in Excelsior, except for in the cinders where Cinderella toiled for her stepmother and ugly stepsisters.  The play we saw, “Cinderella,” was outstanding.  Our family loved it and, of course, I had my camera along.

After the play, all the characters greeted guests and posed for pictures.  It was cool outside, but not snowing and blowing so we all hung around for a while.  Cinderella (played by Taylor Bolstad) and Addie Sue smiled pretty together.

Addie didn’t mind getting an autograph from the Prince’s Door Man, but she shied away from the Ugly Stepsisters who were played by men and were very loud but also very funny.  Reminded me of Laurel and Hardy.  Do you see Jenny and Gunnar in the crowd?

Thank you for your autograph, Cinderella.

Christopher also shied away from the Ugly Stepsisters.

Before the play, the Old Log Theater had hot dogs available for all the kids.

The Old Log had invited Santa Claus that afternoon and so Gunnar and Addie sat on his lap and told him what was on their Wish List this year.

Nobody else heard their conversation.

Santa suggested that Gunnar is going to be a football player.  He is hard and heavier than Addie.  Grandma Sue thinks it will be hockey.

He was a very loving Santa.

Love you.

Jenny and kids posed at the entrance to the Old Log Theater.

Chris, Jenny, Addie, and Gunnar had arrived in Victoria by train Thanksgiving morning and they left by train the Sunday night after Thanksgiving.  Thanks you for coming home, kids.