Christmas in July 2001

This is the tenth anniversary of our family's annual summer trek to Indian Beach Resort, which is located on Green Lake at Spicer, MN.  It's about half-way for those who live in the Cities and those who live on the Farms.  This year, for the first time, we turned the occasion into a celebration of "Christmas in July," since Mom and Dad are always at their home in Texas over the winter months.  This album page includes some snippets and snapshots that marked this 2001 family occasion, but many highlights, such as the turkeys on the grill and bathing beauties at the beach, were not captured on film. 

First task upon arrival that Saturday afternoon, July 7th, was to set up the screened-in gazebo in front of Mom and Dad's cabin because mosquitoes have a way of spoiling a beautiful evening at the lake.  That's (l-r) Dad, Mom, brother Bernie, friend Nathan, nephew Jake.

With the mainframe in place and support all around, it's uppsie daisy for the gazebo.  That's husband Allan helping on the right. 

Sidepoles and sidebars are in place.  The sun is setting and the project will be completed in time!

Christmas is more than a season.  It's an atmosphere!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for bringing Christmas to the Lake.  We love you.

All the family visited Mom and Dad's cabin for a turkey dinner … and then some of the guys sat around for a while, catching up on the news.  (L-r):  Nephew Joe Claeys, husband Allan Orsen, brother Bernie Claeys, brother in law Steve Boerboom, brother Paul Claeys, brother Matt Claeys, Krystal's friend Dan, and brother Louie Claeys.

Two of the great grandchildren, Carly and Lex, wait for presents to be opened.

Wrapped merrily in red and green, the presents are ready to be delivered  … not by a jolly fat Santa, but a slim Jenny Orsen.

Hi, Dad and Jenny.

Hi, Dad and Mom.

The Three Sisters … Isn't that the name of a restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans?  It's also a matter of fact at every Claeys gathering.  That's sister Nancy, sister Barb, and Yours Truly.

A little shuffling puts Mom right in the middle of her girls.  What's in the coolers?  Pop and beer and ice and a big cold watermelon. 

Each day the boats head out into the tame blue yonder.  This is Dad's fishing boat, which has already made two fishing trips up into Canada this year.

Hi, brother Bernie and mother Mom.  The rest of us are nearby on Steve and Nancy's boat.

When we get to the other side of Green Lake, we sometimes stop at Little Melvin's for a cool one.  It usually takes three picnic tables to accommodate us.  Nancy's babies (Cody, Dillon, Katie, and Carter) are back at their cabin, with their moms.

The evening sky is always pretty at Green Lake.  Thank you, Steve, for being a good captain.

Although the sun is now set, the evening continues to glow for a while as Joey tends the fire and some of us stay up to visit in the gazebo.

The End

Love, Sue


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