Christmas in Victoria ~ 2017

Larisa Zeizler warmed hearts of Randy Miller’s family and friends as she introduced the afternoon and public recognition of Randy and the mark he left on Victoria.  Larisa is the face of Solutions By D-zyn, who worked with Randy and the Victoria Business Association and others who love and promote Victoria.

Larisa spoke of how Randy helped Victoria to come alive in many ways because of his generosity and his love for the community. 

Randy was involved in nearly every significant event in Victoria for ten years — including the Victoria Business Association, Discover Victoria Day, Victoria Volksfest, Victoria Fireworks, Victoria Halloween Party, Christmas in Victoria, Classic Car Nights, Victoria’s Centennial Flag, the Sculpture, the Live Christmas Tree, and in other ways.

Former Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun spoke of how Randy Miller, a resident who died in May 2018 at the age of 70, affected and influenced Victoria in profound ways.  She expounded on how Randy was an example for Victoria and how he challenged himself and others.  She said that perhaps he accomplished all that he did in his short time in Victoria — ten years — because fate knew he was not destined to be here long term.

Mary said that people should make an attempt to read the new plaque and boulder monument located in Bayfront Park in downtown Victoria because it lists so many things that Randy did for Victoria.  On a persona note, Mary said, “I always thought Randy’s moustache was smiling.”

Santa Claus, who arrived courtesy of the Victoria Fire Department, was a main attraction at Christmas in Victoria.

Thank you, Joe Lieser, President of VBA and employee at KleinBank, for your work behind the scenes.

Joe reported that the horse and buggy came from Rich and Kris Mueller of Arlington.  “The Muellers gave the Victoria Business Association a really special rate for our event as a favor to the people of Victoria,” he said.  “People loved it.”

A choir from the Chanhassen High School entertained at Christmas in Victoria, and when they gathered at the Victoria House, it seemed especially for the editor of the Victoria Gazette.

The alley between the Victoria House and the Creamery was named this year in honor of Randy Miller.

The horses’ names are Rita and Reba.  They, too, seemed to enjoy going around and around the block, picking up families and dropping them off in front of City Hall.

Bayfront Park on Stieger Lake in downtown Victoria bears witness to some of the people responsible for this little paradise.

That’s Victoria’s Centennial Sculpture on the left and Victoria’s Live Centennial Christmas Tree with the red bow.

Dan Norton, co-founder of Enki Brewing in Victoria, was asked to man the firepit at Bayfront Park that afternoon for Christmas in Downtown Victoria.  It was Saturday, December 9th.

Many visitors joined Dan at the firepit after sunset and for the tree lighting ceremony.  Thank you, Dan, for your enthusiasm.