Christmas at Our House


After we celebrated Christmas in Downtown Victoria, Christmas at St. Victoria, and Christmas with the Choir, we celebrated Christmas at Our House with our kids and grandkids.  Jenny and family arrived from Tioga, ND, on December 26th, but our Christmas together with Nick and family didn’t start until Saturday, December 28th. 

                 The little ones opened presents first, and after dinner the adults opened presents.  We all went to the 5 p.m. Mass at St. Victoria that evening with the girls being asked to take up the gifts at Offertory — Jenny, Addie, Jen, Sophie, and Mia.  After church, Nick took his family home to Brooklyn Park while the rest of us spent time playing games in our jammies before bed.


The grandchildren — Mia and Sophie on the left, Gunnar and Addie on the right.  Did someone say that Christmas is for kids?

Christopher and Jenny Norgaard —the parents of Addie and Gunnar

Nick and Jen Orsen — the parents of Sophie and Mia.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

It had taken nearly a month to get all the presents wrapped and under the tree,

and only a little while to make them disappear.