Christmas With Our Kids

We were all together for Christmas on December 26th.† Thatís Jenny and family on the left, Nick and family on the right.

Iím always pleased† that my big table comfortably seats 10 people.

Jenny, Christopher, Addie, and Gunnar were already at our house the night of Christmas Eve, and I made a special dinner for them on Christmas Day.† We also watched a movie downstairs together, ďThe Shack.Ē

On Christmas morning we drove over to the Basilica in Minneapolis for Mass.† Itís a magnificent church all around.

It seems that Grandma Sue hit the jackpot with the teddy bears for Mia and Sophie.

Grandma Sue hit another jackpot for Gunnar and Addie.†

My four honeybuns.

Then Nick and his family went home and made plans for their family trip to Hawaii.† Itís where Nick and Jen went for their honeymoon ten years ago already!† Happy Anniversary, kids.

The next morning after our Christmas party, we brought Jenny and her family to the Minneapolis airport for their flight to Marco Island to spend a few days with Chrisí Aunt Robin.† They sent me a picture, as you can see.