Christmas Day--2005

It's my favorite time of the year with my favorite kids and grandkids, my favorite Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, my favorite presents given and received, my favorite everything.

Gunnar turned one on December 21st., '05.  Addie will be three on January 21st, '06.

In just a few minutes, it will be time to open presents.

Christopher used his camcorder for a Norgaard Christmas keepsake.

Grandpa Al keeps his job as assembly man.

Addie was tickled pink with her Cinderella vanity ...

and her Cinderella doll.

Thank you, Nick, for taking the picture.

Turkey dinner at noon and turkey leftovers for supper.

Jenny and Chris are in the thick of things -- Gunnar in striped PJs and Addie rolling on the floor in red flowered PJ's.

Riding high.

Thanks, Jenny, for taking the picture.

Hi, Little Gunny.

A boy picture:  Christopher, Gunnar, Nick, and Allan.

A girl picture:  Addie, Jenny, and Me.  Looks like three generations.

The End

Love, Sue