Choir Christmas Party 2015

Love, Sue and Allan, too.

A highlight for me every year has been hosting the St. Victoria Choir Christmas Party.  It worked out this time to have the party on Thursday, December 17th.  Front (l-r):  Bert Tellers, Sheila Sorenson, Carol Schmidt, Jeanette Hay, Sue Orsen.  Middle:  Margaret Hanson, Michelle McNallan, Justin Nowak, Elizabeth Nowak, Patti Bartusek, Tom Stumpf, Roger Leuthner, Gary Foehringer.  Back:  Val Swanson, Judy Janish, Diane Robinson, Sherri Ekstrom, Marge Leuthner, Claudia Derr, Chuck Schmidt, Pam Schmillen, Pat McNallan, Mary Riley, Darryl Ekstrom. 

I love the smiles when I point the camera at people:  Mary Riley, Judy Janish, Pam Schmillen, Jeanette Hay, Michelle McNallan.

Pat McNallan, Patti Bartusek, Tom Stumpf.

Gary Foehringer, Bert Tellers, Chuck Schmidt.

Roger Leuthner, Bert Tellers, Elizabeth and Justin Nowak.

Darryl Ekstrom, Elizabeth Nowak, Sherrie Ekstrom.

Carol Schmidt, Sheila Sorensen, Marge Leuthner.

Val Swanson, Sherrie and Darryl Ekstrom, Margaret Hanson.

Diane Robinson, Claudia Derr.

Jeanette Hay, Allan, Judy Janish.

Gary Foehringer, Chuck Schmidt.

Father Bob’s arrival necessitated another photo.  I promised I wouldn’t call it Father Bob and His Harem.