Chaska Backlights

In back of the new $25 million Chaska Curling Center, which opened in December 2015, is a world you donít see very well from the road, nor from inside the Crooked Pint, which is the restaurant inside the Curling Center.

Most people inside the Crooked Pint are watching curling activities on the ice on the other side of a see-through wall of glass.

I made an effort to attend the recent Fire and Ice activities at this location the weekend of July 22nd, but with the temperature over 100 degrees on Friday and a drenching deluge most of Saturday, I didnít succeed.

Instead, we ate popcorn and chicken wings in the air conditioned Crooked Pint and then, on our way back to my air conditioned car, I took pictures of this hidden world near Victoria.

The southwest metro area of the Twin Cities is a lovely place to live, work, and play ó especially when the climate cooperates.