Celebrating 150 Years!

The Lake Auburn Church in Victoria is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, 2008, and to mark this special date I visited their church campus and also attended a couple of their Sunday morning services in order to get a story and some new photos.  The story is on the front page of the  November 2008 issue of the Victoria Gazette (located online in The Archives) and the photos are below.

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Much of the 150-year history of the Lake Auburn Moravian Church lies beyond these gates and Pastor Frank Jones.

Harm Rand does a lot of the mowing on the large and beautiful church grounds.

Marla Westfield assists Cassidy Vanderlinde and Katherine Westfield in making posters for the upcoming craft and bake sale at the Lake Auburn Church.

Lisa Vanderlinde and son Monte prepare the kitchen for coffee hour after the morning service.

Pastor Frank waits in an entry area for the District President of the Moravian Church to arrive.

Each Sunday morning before the 10:30 service, several members at Lake Auburn gather in the Fellowship Room to read and study scripture.  That’s Judy Kaaua with the vest on the hearth.  Going to the right:  Ruth Stahlke, Nora Adam, Wilfred Plocher, Ron and Harriet Holtmeier, Tom and Carol Knowlton.


L-r:  Joan and Keith Geske, Virginia Stowe, Maddy Schalow, Lorenz Adam, and back to Judy Kaaua.

Maddy Schalow and Sharen Geske catch up on the news while the choir is practicing upstairs before the Sunday morning service.

Cassidy Vanderlinde and Katherine Westfield use the copy machine in Pastor Frank’s office.

Members of the Lake Auburn Choir pictured here are (front l-r):  Helen Wolff, Nora Adam, Virginia Stowe, Judy Kaaua.  Middle:  Meridy Shoger, Ruth STahlke, Carol Knowlton (hidden), Joan Geske, Teri Weitz.  Back:  Murray Adam, Lorenz Adam, Bruce Shoger, Charlotte Rand, Carol Jones.

One Sunday morning, when Pastor Frank and Carol Jones were on a trip out east, member Judy Kaaua conducted the service.

Ron Holtmeier was instrumental in sharing History Snapshots in celebrating the 150th Anniversary.

Pianist and choir director for the several years is

Ron Holtmeier, whose roots at the church reach back to the very beginning, offers a second round of sweets to those who linger during coffee hour after the Sunday morning service.

Congratulations to all of you at the Lake Auburn Moravian Church on 150 years.  May you continue to be an active an prominent presence on the Victoria scene.