Breezy But Sunny

It was breezy but sunny at the annual Victoria Ice Fishing Contest on Sunday, February 1st, 2009.  In fact, it was nearly 40 degrees, which brought probably the biggest crowd ever to Stieger Lake.

The Victoria Fire Department sponsors the annual afternoon on ice and it includes dozens of prizes and lots of hot hamburgers and hot chocolate.  The food line was longer than it’s ever been in the past.

These fishermen always enjoy themselves.  (L-r):  Dale Carroll, Mike Wartman, Maurice Leuthner.

This time Mike is flanked by Al Orsen, left, and Jeff Chapman.

You might be inclined to call this The Victoria Line-Up.  (L-r):  Maurice Leuthner, Dylan Raser (Augusta), Jeff Chapman, Doug Raser, Randy Schneider, Dale Carroll, Mark Jesberg, Steve Jesberg, Paul Jesberg, Joe Campbell (Ostego), Mike Wartman.

(L-r):  Mike Dauwalter, Bill Vanderlinde, Michelle and Joe Heiland.

Joe and Michelle Heiland (on the right) with daughter Elizabeth (brown jacket), Lydia Dauwalter (pink Jacket), and Jen (Heiland) Vanderlinde, Bill’s bride.

Wayne Neubarth (on the right) with sons Eric, left, and Jason, and grandchildren (Jason’s kids) Billy and Elizabeth.

This person comes to every Victoria Ice Fishing Contest, and she’s always incognito.  Can you guess her identity?  Yes, it’s Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun.

The Victoria Fire Department flies their Fire & Rescue Flag along with the U.S. Flag.  Thank you, VFD, for your patriotism and for the wonderful afternoon.