Boatman Briefs

Analisa Boatman married Tom Barrett III on Saturday, June 19th, 2004, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chicago.  From beginning to end, it was a fun and memorable weekend among Allan's cousins and the new family of Analisa.  After a breakfast feast that was provided for all wedding guests at the Palmer Hotel, there was time for thank you's and goodbye's till next time.

Front row (l-r):  Joe and Susan Boatman (parents of the bride, Analisa); Analisa and Tom Barrett (the newlyweds); between them is Daniel Orsen (son of Susan's brother Dennis and his wife Linda); and then Sue Orsen in black (wife of Allan, first cousin of Dennis, Noel, and Susan).
Back row (l-r):  Sandy (cousin of Susan) and husband Calvin Jensen; Edward Boatman (son of Joe and Susan), Jeremy Boatman (son of Joe and Susan); Noel Orsen (brother of Susan); Allan Orsen (cousin of Susan); Linda and Dennis Orsen (brother of Susan).

Did someone besides Walt Disney say that "It's a Small World After All"?  One of Analisa's aunts is Mary (Rogers) Sluka, who was a roommate of mine when we attended the University of Hawaii at Honolulu!  Imagine that!  Mary, who grew up in St. Paul, lives near Chicago.  Now we're almost related.  Oops, I almost forgot:  Our grandmothers were from the Ghent/Marshall of Minnesota!

Mary's husband Peter (the clean shaven fellow) is a mechanical engineer.  They have two children, a daughter and son.

It was fun to reminisce about our other four roommates, and other friends, when we lived in Hawaii.

The End

Love, Sue