Boating with Addie and Gunnar

At the end of June, shortly before we left on our Nordic Adventure, Jenny and the kids drove home for a few days.  On one of those days (it was actually Friday, June 29th), Jenny spent the day lunching and shopping with her girl friends and Allan and I spent the day on Lake Minnetonka with Addie and Gunnar.  It was a beautiful blue sky day and we kept cool playing in the water at Big Island.

Love, Grandma Sue

Addie and Gunnar had their scuba gear along with them.

Addie found a clam with zebra mussels attached to it.

Allan cooked us hotdogs on the grill.

We like to stop at the ice cream shop in Excelsior.

Gunnar often picks a blue slush that turns his lips and teeth and tongue the same color as his shirt.