It was a beautiful 80-degree September Sunday afternoon.

They keep their boat at a slip here on Lake Sakakawea, about 20 minutes from their home.

Chris caught a walleye and Addie netted it.

Can you imagine having an entire lake and shore mainly to yourselves?

Goliath gets shampooed when the family goes to the lake.

The soap gets rinsed out of his thick coat when they throw him a stick to retrieve.

Jenny had treats along for everybody.

The live well kept Wally alive and Gunnar kept him company.

We had the walleye for supper that night along with blackened tilapia.† Jenny is a very good cook.

These kids get along very well together.

Back at the slip, hoping for more outings before winter.

Yes, it was hot during the day and cold at night.† We got dressed up warm to go outside for a fireworks show.† Chris saved some up from their Fourth of July fireworks at the farm.

The best fireworks were big and explosive overhead, but my camera didnít do a good job with them.† Thank you, Chris.

The train barely stops for two minutes in Stanley and so itís a fast goodbye before we hop on.† It was a wonderful week.† Every meal was outstanding.† The beds were comfortable.† The company couldnít have been better.† Thank you, kids.