Boating With Wartmans-2005

Mike Wartman, an instructor at Normandale College, grew up in Victoria and writes a popular monthly column for the Gazette about those growing up days.  His wife Jodene teaches high school at Prior Lake.

Mike's mother is my friend Julianne Wartman, who also grew up in Victoria and joined the St. Victoria Choir.  Mike's dad Euch died just over a year ago.

This partly cloudy breezy Wednesday afternoon brought out big and little sailboats for big and little sailors.  They were fun to watch.

Mike doesn't even have a gut to suck in.

Jodene's tan was not acquired on Lake Minnetonka, but "up north" last weekend.

Mike and Mother -- sounds like a song.

Time with the captain.

A boating highlight usually includes docking at one of the several good restaurants on the lake.  This dock is in front of Sunsets, not far from the Wayzata Bar and Grill.

The setting sun casts an evening glow across the waters.

On our way back to our boat slip, we continue to check out the fancy homes on Lake Minnetonka.

We continue to  marvel at the sails in the sunset.

The End

Love, Sue