Boating With Allan-2005

At least once a week in summertime, Allan and I take off alone for an hour or two or three on Lake Minnetonka.  No cooler.  No food.  No planning.  Nothing but our sunglasses and sometimes my camera.  It's been said that for every hour that a person spends on the lake, that it adds a week to your life.  Maybe we'll live long.  Maybe we won't.  In any case, we love the blue sky and blue water.

And we sorta like this picture.

We always pause for a moment when the sailboats are in regatta.  They don't demand attention, quietly and smoothly doing their own thing, but they get it.

It seemed like the captain of these copper and white sails was the guy in command of the regatta.

Our boat goes a lot faster and makes a lot more waves than a sailboat.  I love it.

Sometimes the boat line at Lord Fletcher's is very, very long.

Lord Fletcher's is an opportunity to see and be seen.

Since we never have much of an agenda, we easily steer away.

Boat craft on Lake Minnetonka comes in all sizes and shapes.

This is the first time we've ever seen a floating flag.

The boat's captain waved after I snapped the photo.  He probably guessed  that we too are patriotic.

Sometimes the most fun being on Lake Minnetonka is related to looking up.

The End

Love, Sue