Boating Babies

Love, Grandma Sue

So they’re not technically babies anymore.  They are walking talking little girls but I can still hold them in my arms.  Before Sophie and Mia and their daddy went boating with us, we rode bikes at our house.

This “Rock Pile,” which is part of the roundabout at the bottom of our driveway, is a “destination.”

They gather and collect the very smooth rocks and they make Grandma Sue laugh.

It was a beautiful Saturday, September 27th.  Sophie, age 5, has been riding a bike all by herself since early this spring.

Mia, age 4, rides a bike, too, with training wheels, as you can see.

We never keep the fall leaves off our drive or anywhere else in our yard.  That’s okay.  Soon it’ll all be covered with snow.  I’d rather have the leaves.

Check out Nick’s shirt.  It tells you where his sister Jenny and her husband Christopher live.

It’s important to wash the smooth rocks before we save them.

Mia was the first to drive the boat with Captain Al. 

Sophie stayed in the cuddy cab for a while.  She loves the giant roller coasters at Valleyfair and the monster bungee jumps that sail her through the air at Valleyfair, plus other monster rides, but she had first and second thoughts about  the boat and waves on Lake Minnetonka.

Seagulls stand on dock posts like they’re made of stone or plaster.

It was a gorgeous day and about to become our last day on the lake in 2014.

Sophie came up from the cuddy cab to check out the birds.

Kind of interesting.

Hmmm.  Seagulls do like popcorn.

Then it was on the way to Lord Fletcher’s for lunch.

Ducks didn’t eat the popcorn but they sure loved French frieds.

Food and fresh air gave  Mia heavy eyelids. 

Sophie, too.

Then we docked in Excelsior for a walk to the ice cream shop.  It was a wonderful day.