Big Snow in Victoria

As throughout much of the Midwest, even throughout the nation, there has been a lot of Big Snow in Victoria.  One such evening of Big Snow was Thursday, February 20th.  It caused many activities, such as Choir Practice, to be cancelled that evening.  I took pictures the next morning.

Allan had the snowblower out early to clear the path to our back door entry.

Our snowplow man had been to our home before sunrise that morning.

You can’t deny that there is beautiful scenery in a Minnesota winter, even during a Deep Freeze.

And so we took off for a jaunt to Victoria and then Chanhassen.  I had errands to run, after all!!

Looking down our driveway, it’s like the snow in Narnia, on the other side of the Wardrobe.

We are surrounded by Carver Park, and Carver Park is heavy laden with snow in every direction.

Even though city streets and signs become a bit invisible, this one still says, “Welcome to Victoria.”

How can you drive by a beautiful cemetery and not take a picture?  This is at St. Victoria’s Cemetery.

If the LED sign was flashing or moving with message, only the Snow Gnomes saw it below the snowbank.

There are always patrons and patriotic overtures at the Victoria Recreation Center.

This is the welcoming and wide open entry at the St. Victoria Catholic Church on County Road 11.  Entry to the old church (with the steeple) is off to the right.  The church is totally connected inside and out.

On the way to Chanhassen via State Hwy 5 — our together lifeline —  we saw several vehicle mishaps.

It was not their intention to slide into Chanhassen.

Back home the sun was still shining and it was a beautiful winter day.

One More Beatiful Winter Scene. From Our Victoria Home.