Barry and Elvis and Steve

Barry Fox directs the Minnesota Valley Community Band, which probably draws the largest crowd for a concert that does not also include classic cars in downtown Victoria.

During a brief intermission on the pleasant, breezy Wednesday evening, July 13th, Mr. Fox commented on the beautiful natural setting of Victoria’s new bandstand and the size and enthusiasm of the audience.

“Tonight we are the Victoria Community Band,” he said.

Every piece the band played was enjoyed, including one sung by Mrs. Jane Fox, but none more so than the patriotic “God Bless America.”

A standing ovation brought out their encore, “America the Beautiful.”

Many visitors listen to the music from the outdoor patios in downtown Victoria, especially on nights when the streets are also lined with classic cars.

As you can see, the bandstand on Stieger Lake is right below the hill.

Jim Igel makes me smile, even when he’s not wearing his cap sideways.

Victoria boy scouts often give lead-in music for the main event of the evening.

On July 20th, it was for the arrival of Elvis Presley.

The temperature was 94 degrees and climbing, but hundreds of people had Elvis on their calendar and they showed up to see him in downtown Victoria.

As if to acknowledge and greet the large crowd, a welcoming breeze blew into town and cooling clouds rolled in with Elvis and his white convertible.

Chris Olson sings and moves like his Graceland counterpart. 

It was midsummer magic on Stieger Lake in downtown Victoria.

Some of the magic is due to Randy Miller, president of the Victoria Business Association.

Another popular group includes Steve Devich and the Cedar Avenue Big Band from Minnetonka.

For much of the afternoon on July 27th, it rained and rained, sheets of rain, and we suspected the concert would be cancelled but, like the midsummer magic we have been experiencing all season, the sun came out, the clouds moved over, and the show went on.

Thank you, Steve Devich and your Cedar Avenue Big Band, for helping to brighten the day for us with your big band sounds.

The band has a history of more than 25 years of musical showmanship and talent and has played in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and other large venues.