Backyard Eatery and Exercise

See the squirrel?† Earlier this year, at my request, Allan strung a couple corn cobs on a rope between two trees in our yard ó

Like we did in earlier days when our kids were younger.

Now I wanted to show the grandkids what our talented squirrels can do.

Only after the ground was blanketed with snow did the squirrels go after the corn . . .

. . . and they didnít stop until all the kernels were gone.

Then Allan replaced the cobs and they were at it again, but only one squirrel indulges.

He has claimed his territory and when others get close he chases them away.

Around and around the trees they go, and the gluttonous bully always wins including against the circling bluejay.

The snow was spotless until the big Christmas winds blew through the trees.