Baby Mia Gets Baptized

Little Amelia Marie Orsen, daughter of Nick and Jen Orsen, was baptized on Sunday, August 1st, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Osseo, the same church in which Mia’s big sister Sophia was baptized in December of 2008. 

Mia stretches as she awakens and Jen gets her ready for her baptismal dress.

Addie and Gunnar, first cousins of little Mia, attentively watch the goings on.

It was more fun sleeping.

Mommy’s milk in a bottle works wonders.

If I was in the picture instead of behind the camera, it would be four generations — since Mom is my mother, Jenny is my daughter, and Addie is my granddaughter.

The handsome man with the blue shirt is Nick Orsen  — husband of Jen, father of Sophia and Mia, son of Allan and Sue.  Mia’s godparents are Julie and Dave Ellingson.  Dave is a brother of Jen.

Hi, Dad.  Good to see you and Mom.  Are you and Allan solving the world’s problems?

Mia is my parents’ 25th great grandchild.  The 26th is expected this fall.

And now it’s time to get a family photo of Nick and Jen and their baby girls, Sophia and Mia.

Sophie, you are not cooperating.

Okay, I’ll take this one!

Mia with parents and godparents.

Dave and Julie are the parents of Hannah and Tony and they live in a suburb of Sioux City, Iowa.

Mia in the process of getting wet.

Hi, Jenny.  Hi, Addie.  Hi, Mom.

“I baptize you, Amelia Marie Orsen, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Father Vang, a Hmong from Laos, has been a priest in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for 17 years.  He was assigned as parochial vicar to St. Vincent in July 2009.

The job is done!

Addie stands watch as Grandma Sue holds Sophie with the cherry on her knee and fingers in her nose.

Proud Daddy poses with his newly baptized daughter.

Mia with her parents and great grandparents.

My parents with my children and grandchildren.  Jenny’s husband Christopher was back in Tioga, ND.

Getting acquainted.

Mia with her daddy, her daddy’s parents, and her daddy’s grandparents.

Barefoot and fancy free of original sin.

Love, Grandma Sue