A Mother’s Journey  -  Preparing Her Place

On Wednesday, April 27th, it was time to remove a tree near the front entrance of the new church to make way for the Ave Maria and new plantings

The job went to L.E. Kerber out of Chanhasssen.

Irene Kerber of Kerber Family Homes arranged for the bobcat and spade.

And the tree just went next door.

In fact, there had been a tree in that location, one that didn’t survive, for whatever reason.

Larry Kerber handled the transplanting like an expert.

John Wall, maintenance man at the church, kept and eye on the progress …

 … and provided the nearby hose and watering source.

Where had the hole for the transplanting come from?  It came from some digging prior to the move.

After a couple hours, L.E. Kerber and his equipment moved out of the church parking lot.

A few days later, on Monday, May 3rd, as a matter of fact, Teresa Winslow of Chaska and her people from Lewiston, Minnesota, arrived to do the foundation and footings for the granite base and Ave Maria.  I had previously marked the location with a can of spray paint.  The hole on the right is from the tree that was previously moved.  It’ll get filled up with dirt from the new digging.

It was all done with a spade.

The temporary mold will hold the cement and assist in determining necessary depth of the hole.

The cement was mixed on site.

The footings were dug by hand with a post-hole digger to a depth below the four-foot frost level.

When the cement was ready — “like peanut butter,” said Teresa — it was hauled by wheelbarrow.

These are the people hired byWinslow Monument of Chaska, who doesn’t keep on hand equipment to deal with a 3,000-pound piece of granite and life-size sculptures.