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Do Not Allow Your City to be Hijacked by Council members Tom Strigel and Jim Crowley.  “Mayor Funk attempts to make policy unilaterally by ignoring his conflict of interest.  It is clear now that his dictatorial, biased, and conflicted pursuit of his personal vendetta is more important than citizens rights.”

A Great Golf Gaff by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “There has been a 15-or-so-year tradition at St. Victoria that has become almost legendary in the annals of the great pastime known as pasture pool.  The parish choir holds a golf tournament in the scramble format, with any an all skill levels invited.”

From the Beginning by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “The first column I wrote for the Gazette back in the 1990’s was about Scottish shepherds.  I wanted to make the point that golf was not a game of rich snobs, but rather a game that originated with Scottish shepherds.”

New Businesses and a Concert by Sue Orsen.  “It was fun shopping at Willa June Apparel and the White Birch House andtouring the Parlour Salon and Spa before the concert featuring Stimulus Package.”

Carver County Update by Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik.  “Carver County adopted a five-year bridge replacement plan that makes local bridges eligible for state bridge funds.  If approved, the state bridge bond would provide over $1.3 million toward Carver County projects.”

From the Editor’s Album by Sue Orsen.  “When Goliath was a puppy, he loved cuddling on laps.  At 150 pounds, he still thinks he’s a lap dog.”

(H)erbs for (H)everything! by Christie Schlueter, Regular Visitor to Victoria.  “Herbs are one of the most under-used items in our diets.  They add so many flavors, and they have numerous health benefit which means we should be eating them daily.”

Teaching Our Kids to Love by Pastor Kevin Dibbley, Waterbrooke Christian Church.  “My wife and I just had the joy of having our family visiting from out of town.  Our daughter Lauren and her husband Diego live in Honduras.  Our daughter Kathy and her husband Steve and our two-year old granddaughter Corrie live in Toronto.”

Lina Unleashed by Robin Kelleher, Burnsville, MN.  “Lina chronicles the day to day, often hilarious, struggles of her first two years with a clueless and ditzy Momma.  Momma means well but lacks common and other sense, especially when it comes to caring for her little dog.”

First Place for Paige by Gregg Geske.  “Daughter Paige caught the 1st Place northern in Chanhassen’s July 4th Fishing Contest held on Lake Ann.  It was 30.5 inches and 8.5 pounds.”

Big Fish for Gunnar by Jenny Norgaard.  “Gunnar and Chris have been catching lots of fish on Lake Sakakawea.  Gunnar caught 6.2 lb norther and a bunch of walleye keepers.”

Outsiders Steal Victoria Cup at Coot Open by Mike Wartman.  “How they were able to pass the rigid standards and entry guidelines is still a puzzle.”

Lions Weekend a Coupling Event by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “Each year at the Victoria Lions Tournament Weekend, a theme seems to arise among the people who come to watch ballgames, work the concessions, eat delicious burgers, brats, and hotdogs, and enjoy sweet summertime at Lions Park.  Click on Front Page.

The Arboretum Bee Center by Sue Orsen.  “The first time I saw the Pollinator Discovery Center, it was off in the distance as I rode a golf cart with Pete Moe, new director of the MN Landscape Arboretum, who was giving me a personal guided tour of the Arboretum.”

The Excelsior Commons by Sue Orsen.  “When Jenny and Nick were little, I often took them to the swim beach in Excelsior where they could play on the sandy shore and waters of Lake Minnetonka while I smiled at them and soaked up the sun.”

Lions Feed 129 Bikers by Sue Orsen.  “Several members of the Victoria Lions showed up at Holy Family Catholic High School on the morning of July 9th to serve breakfast to 129 bikers who were heading out on the Habitat 500 Bike Ride.”

My Selfies in Victoria by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “A millennial obsession with self and selfies leaves me out of the obsession, as I am not a millennial and I am borderline camera phone incompetent.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Bognanni, Branch Manager.  “Discover great books at the library and sign up for personalized reading lists.  Entr drawings for prizes.  Bring in your technology questions.”

Historic Fort Snelling by Sue Orsen.  “It was close to 90 degrees and we wondered how the men in the military dress parade and those playing fie and drum could withstand their heavy uniforms, most likely woolen.”

Minnehaha Falls by Sue Orsen.  “After our tour of Fort Snelling, we drove next door to see the Minnehaha Falls.  Water comes from Lake Minnetonka, flows into Minnhaha Creek which takes it to the Falls and then into the Mississippi ‘river.

New Healthcare Committee by Nick Sherlock, Communications.  “State Senator Scott Jensen (R-Chaska/Victoria) has been tapped to lead a new Senate committee tasked with debeloping ides to make MN healthcare more affordable.”

New Ridgeview Pres.  by Lisa Steinbauer, Marketing.  “Michael Phelps has been selected as the new president and CEO at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, replacing Robert Stevens who will retire on Dec. 31st, after 21 years.”

New Method to Manage Zebra Mussels by Telly Mamayek, Communications.  “Researchers are testing the use of a copper-based product to reduce the survival of zebra mussel veliger (larva).”

Marvin Gregory, 86, died Friday, June 30th.

Justin Nowak, 26, died Wednesday, July 19th.

August 2017