At the Firepit

Love, Sue

†††††††††††††††† May was a good month for sitting by the firepit in our backyard and roasting marshmallows.† There were no mosquitoes to fight and no heat and humidity, only good company.

Allan has always liked to build a fire and burn up sticks and wood.† His Grandpa Nick was a firebug too.

Hi, Sue and Joe Boatman.† Fun to see you.† Sue is Allanís cousin and they live in the Cities.

Hi, Noel and Darlene.† Noel , who lives in Minneota, is Allan cousin and Darlene is his girlfriend.

Hi, Sandy and Cal Jenson.† Sandy is Allanís cousin and they also live in the Cities.

I normally sit in my own chair.

Hi, Mary Moore and Sharen Geske.† Both are Victoria friends.

Hi, Lloyd and John.† When are you going to join us at the firepit?

Hi, Rosalie and Jan.† Allan and I will provide the marshmallows.