At the Farm for Fatherís Day


We drove to Mom and Dadís on Saturday, June 20th, for Fatherís Day, and Jenny, Addie, and Gunnar were with us.† Christopher was fishing at Devilís Lake with some friends.

Mom had a delicious array of taco fixings for dinner and Dad had lettuce from the garden.† Paul always gets up and helps with the dishes.

The most interesting experience on the farm this time home was my dadís trapping of a nuisance raccoon.† Addie and Gunnar went with their Great Grandpa Joe to check the live trap.

Steve and Nancy came, too.† Bernie and Marge were on this side of the table.

Jenny grabbed my camera and ran outside too.

Love, Susan

Dad knew there was something in it.

Looks like a photo op.† Thank you, Jenny.

Country folks have a way of taking care of wild critters and weíll let it at that.

This time Iím focusing on the vehicle in the background.† Paul brought it out for Addie and Gunnar to drive around the farm.† They thought it was fun.† Thank you, Uncle Paulie.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything.† Itíll be fun to see your new siding and new windows next time we come home.†