At Hunting Camp-2005

Son Nick had a busy November -- first with deer hunting up north (where Allan had his camera long) and second with his birthday (where I had my camera, of course).  Let's see what happens "up north."  We'll let Allan tell this story since he was there, behind the camera.

Nick having a cup of coffee, pondering which tree stand he'll sit in next.

Hanging one more before the skinning and butchering began

Left to right, that's Chris, his nephew Matthew, his sister Celia, his brother Charlie, and Nick.  Taking a break in the lower level of the barn turned hunting camp.

Nick getting into the nitty gritty of cutting up chops and de-boning etc.

Nick and Chris packaging the chops and roasts with a large tub of meat ready for the grinder.

After stopping at Cabela's on the way to deer camp to purchase a meat grinder, in case we were lucky enough to bag a deer, it was considered that purchasing the grinder may have been a curse since no deer were shot the first two days.

The final product on the furniture out on the barn deck to cool down.  With temperatures expected in the teens, it was like a natural deep freeze.  Note the view looking east toward Pine Lake.

Vance Norgaard, Chris' dad, starting the first fire in his newly installed Norwegian wood stove.  The new log cabin was purchased from an Amish  family in the area.

Left to right, that's Chris, Brian a local handy man, Nick, and Vance shooting the bull before we said goodbye to another deer hunting season.  A special thanks to the Norgaard's for the invitation and gracious hosting of an enjoyable, and successful,  hunting season.

The End

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