At Home with Mom and Dad

Saturday, March 31st — the last day of March and another warm and early spring day in 2012 — found all seven of us kids at home on the farm with Mom and Dad and steak on the grill for dinner.  It was nice to see and talk to each other, for a change, without all the grandchildren and great grandchildren turning the attention and conversation away from the older generations:)  That’d be us.

Dad and his daughters — Nancy, Susan, and Barb.

If one is good, are two better?

Yes, if someone blinks at the wrong time.

Mom always does a lot of cooking and baking and it’s always delicious.

A lot of the guys sat in the dining room to chew the fat a while.  Left to right, that’s my brother Matt who was home from Philadelphia, brother Bernie who lives just down the road a piece, brother in law Steve (Nancy’s husband) who lives just down the road a piece in the other direction, and brother in law Doug (Barb’s husband) who lives in Prior Lake.

At the other end of the big table, Louie who also lives just down the road, Mark who lives in St. Cloud, and Paul who lives in Marshall.

As usual, the kitchen is the favorite gathering place.

As usual, guys hold up the counter …

 … and girls hold down the chairs.  These are four of the in-laws — Allan (husband of Susan:) and (left to right) Margene (wife of Bernie), Sharon (wife of Paul), and Suzanne (wife of Matt).

As I said, all of us big people could sit around and talk a while.  Thank you,  Mom and Dad.

Love, Susan