As Summer Ends

Orsenís, Paulyís, and Floraís.

It was Saturday, September 3rd when our friends Lloyd and Rosalie Pauly of Chanhassen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the OK Coral near Belle Plaine with great food, feast, family, and dancing music.† John and Jan Flora traveled from Friendly Fridley and so the six of us who have traveled a lot together had a wonderful time.† We and Floras spent an overnight at a nearby AmericInn and attended Mass together at Our Lady of the Prairie Catholic Church in Belle Plaine before driving back home.

Happy 50th, Rosalie and Lloyd.† It was fun to see your children and grandchildren.


Dancing with a granddaughter..

Dancing with another granddaughter.

It was October 2nd that we were out on Lake Minnetonka for the last time this season, and it was a gorgeous day with fall colors near their prime.

We invited Dave and Deb Dudinsky, friends from Wayzata, to join us for shish-ka-bobs that Allan grilled on the boat.† They were delicious and our company† was wonderful.

Goodbye, Summer