Around Victoria City Hall

Thank you, City Staff, for your work on behalf of the residents of Victoria and for your kindness and respect of everyone.

†††††††††††††††† Front (l-r): Trisha Pollock (Accounting Technician), Gina Bresnahan (Administrative Permit Technician), Cindy Patnode (City Clerk), Ryan Fatturi (Public Works Technician).† Back: Laurie Hokkanen (City Manager), Ben Landhauser (Community Development Director), Erin Smith (City Planner), Andrew Heger (Fire Chief), Bill Schwanke (Building Inspector), Nathan Buska (Building Inspector), Scott McCarty (Building Official).† Missing: Kelly Grinnell (Finance Director), Angela Rivera (Recreation Center), Holly Kaufhold (Recreation Center).† Engineering Department not able to be present:† Cara Geheren, Amanda Groh, and Mark Scholle.

Across the street from City Hall, the parking lot next to Victoria Flats became evident in October.† Part of the space will be available for public parking.

By mid November, the parking lot was paved.

And lifts were working on at least two side of the 80-unit apartment complex.

A panorama shows two sides of Victoria Flats simultaneously.† On the left is Stieger Lake Lane.† On the right is Quamoclit.

Inside City Hall on November 17th, city employees met for Open Enrollment.† Itís the time of year for employees to make changes and updates to their employee benefits for themselves and their dependents for a January 1st, 2018, effective date.

Back on October 25th, in that same room, also called Council Chambers, the City held an Open House to review the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.† Thatís City Engineer Cara Geheren in the stripes.

Ben Landhauser, also in stripes, is Victoriaís Community Development Director.

Ann Mahnke, Victoriaís Parks and Public Works Director, was also on hand to answer questions.

City Planner Erin Smith made sure everyone got signed in.

An aerial view of Victoria was on hand at the Open House.† I donít know if it was dated.† Looks like about 1980.

The Public Works Department in the City of Victoria was appreciating the sunshine and clear roads prior to the storm that blew in the evening of Monday, December 4th, but they were prepared for winter!† Thank you, PW People, for your work all year long and especially for the hours spent snowplowing all the streets and neighborhoods in the dark of night.† Left to right: Ann Mahnke (Director of Parks and Public Works), Coby Blum, Corey Scharpe, Dave Shoger, Brady Lee, Jeff Borg, Al Zellman, Mat VonBank, Randy Brandt.† Missing: Jason Clark and Chuck Almhjeld.

†††††††††††††††† The PW Building is located on Bavaria Road, a few blocks southeast of City Hall.