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Soul of the South by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“We went from the Deep Freeze of Victoria to the Deep South in the twinkling of twin engines.  We booked a flight away from winter and went to Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.”  Click on Front Page.

Lakeside Building Now Under Construction in Victoria by Terry Hartman, Land Development“The Lakeside Building overlooks the waterfront area of downtown Victoria above Stieger Lake and the Carver Park Reserve.  The building is approximately 5,000 square feet on two floors.”

What Do You Fear? by Pastor Maureen Bonner, Biblical CounselorA young lady writes,  “Is it normal to continually experience fear throughout the day when I really don’t even know what I am afraid of?  Many days I will wake up and before I know it I am wondering what could go wrong or might happen to me.”

Visiting a Nation’s History by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“No man is an island, but there are islands in the sea and Fort Sumter is on one of them.  Held by the South during the Civil War, 1861 to 1865, it is estimated that 46,000 shells were fired at Fort Sumter.”

Reviewing Two County Roads in City of Victoria by Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik“The present condition of County Road 11from County Road 10 to Hwy 5 in Victoria has been determined to have poor pavement condition.  The City of Victoria and the county are collaborating on a feasibility study of Marsh Lake Road.”

Snow and Ice Disappearing, Finally by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette“Spring construction begins in downtown Victoria with the Lakeside Building underway on Stieger Lake Lane.  The new City  Hall is planned to be built to the right (east) of it.”

Janet B. Maass, 94, died Sunday, March 9th.

W. Norman Menser, 95 died February 27th.

Raising $2,000 for Food Shelf by Kim Heenie, Island View Dining“We held the 19th Annual Waconia/St. Boni Putting Challenge at Island View on Saturday, March 22nd.  Six hundred golfers participated.”

Top Performing Agents by Leonard MacKinnon.  “Nan Emmer of Victoria and Bev Martin of Waconia were recently recognized for their outstanding 2013 sales performance at their company awards presentation.”

Balanced Rocks by Barb DeGroot, MN Landscape Arboretum. “Gravity defying balanced rock structures are the focus of a new exhibit.”

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Headlines and Bylines

April 2014

The Victoria GAZETTE

Dedicated to the sunshine of truth,

the moonshine of meeting deadlines,

and the starshine of Victoria.

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen/The Victoria GazetteStated Mayor Tom O’Connor, “Both the new City Hall and planned Public Works facility are long overdue.  The current facilities are substandard and must be replaced.”

Ownership is a Gas by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy“I’ve had a few calls, discussing two gas leaks in three months and two fill-ups with our gas company.  I’m amazed at how well the safety net works in our absence.”

When I Am King by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Corespondent“There is one form of government that, in this humble author’s opinion, is the only real way to true freedom.  That would be the Benevolent Monarchy.  And I am just the guy for the job.”

Know Thyself by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro“Golf courses have been struggling for over ten years.  But golf will grow naturally if golf courses appeal to their natural constituencies.  As a wise man said, ‘Know thyself.’”

Not in the Neighborhood by Scott Matteson, MN River Weekly Update“The Rapidan Dam is located on the Blue Earth River, a tributary of the MN River.  The Beauford Ditch Tunnel is located in the LeSueur River Watershed in the MN River Basin.”

Come to Our Spring Fling by President Brian Tjenstrom, Victoria Lions Club“Ticket sales have been brisk, with over 200 tickets sold to date.  The event is scheduled for Friday, April 11th.  We have dozens of wineries, breweries, and food suppliers who have agreed to help us launch this 1st annual event.’

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured John Notermann, father of 13 children and Victoria’s Citizen of the Year, in “Our White Haired Winner.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Alex and Avis Bezat in “We Hold a Treasure.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Norbert and Theresa Derhaag in “Where the Heart is.”

Remember When these four young ladies, two from Victoria — Jenny Orsen and Rita Hilgers — took top honors at the Chanhassen Junior Miss Pageant in June 1988 at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater?

Remember When John Storms, who was graduating from the Waconia High School,  in June 19088 piled up many wards including Outstanding Performance and Student of the Year?

Remember When Mike Kraemer shot a 22-pound wild turkey in the woods near Dahlgreen Golf Course?  It was in April of 1992, and his boys Nicholas, Lance, and Jonathan drove to Victoria with their dad to have it weighed at Cabin Fever Sporting Goods.