April’s Snowfall ~ 2013

We received at least 26 inches of snow here in Victoria in April.  As I said on the front page of the May 2013 issue of the Gazette, it seems we broke the past record for snow in the month of April.  It cancelled choir practice for me on April 11th, again on April 18th, and gave me a good excuse to stay home from the April 22nd Victoria City Council meeting.  I took pictures during this month that was making history without knowing it was making history.

I didn’t start taking pictures until Friday morning, April 19th.  We could hardly believe it, so late in April.  We had stayed home in the blizzard the night before and woke up to a winter wonderland.  So anxious for it to be really spring, and expecting it any day, we had already put our deck furniture in place.

Then I drove to town to record the April snowfall for the Gazette.  Maybe you recognize the old Victoria Creamery Building which is being converted into a microbrewery that is supposed to open in June.

Snowplows had already been through downtown and made it possible for cars and people and dogs to navigate.

The backyard at Alphabet Junction was still colorful but also quiet.

Can you read the sign?

Yes, it’s the St. Victoria Catholic Church.

And the St. Victoria Cemetery.

And the Ave Maria by the front door of St. Victoria.

The Victoria House already had their patio furniture in place, too.

Trees and shrubs alongside Floyd’s had once again donned their winter coats.

You can imagine the surprise when only four days after the April 18th blizzard, it snowed again, with near blizzard conditions on Monday evening, April 22nd.

Just like with the blizzard of April 11th, snow from the blizzard of April 18th disappeared pretty fast.

A little more sun and we could soon work outside.

On Tuesday, April 23rd, we woke up to another winter wonderland.

We have never before seen so much April snow in our lifetime.

Because it was April — and not February or March — it seemed to beg for more pictures.

And so it was time for me to head to town again with my camera.

Our neighbor’s home on the other side of our roundabout was particularly pretty that morning.

The flag that is displayed 24/7 on Park Drive, which is the entrance to our neighborhood, was as still as the snow-laden evergreens below it and around it.

Last year Tom Abts opened up the Deer Run Golf Course in March.

The Good Shepherd at Waterbrooke Fellowship was wearing a new coat of snow, which wasn’t so heavy as the coat the Ave Maria was wearing a few days ago at St. Victoria.

Construction equipment on a hill near the southwest side of Lake Wasserman was at a standstill.

The equipment should soon be in gear to extend infrastructure —  city sewer and water — to a new development in that area to be known as Lake Wasserman Ridge.

The retaining wall and snow covered foliage at the Water Treatment Plant was like a lace tablecloth.

That’s the new bridge on Hwy 5 that was constructed last year as part of the Hwy 5 project that affected all of Victoria in one way or another for the entire summer.

Snowmobiles on top, ski jets on the bottom — you know which were headed in and which were headed out.

Surely the playground equipment at the Lake Auburn Morvian Church will soon be swarming with kids.

In the meantime, it appears we’re in the dead of winter … with more snow on May 1st.  Go figure.