Annual Auto Show

This was the 40th Annual Auto Show, held at the Minneapolis Convention Center March 9th-17th, but itís only the first year weíve attended.† It was Sunday, March 10th, 2013.

We noticed that Americaís love affair with the automobile is as strong as ever.

We climbed in and out of many vehicles, which ranged from tiny VWís to ďregular sizedĒ cars to crossovers to minivans and SUVís.

Most of the activity was on the floor of the Convention Center.† However, there was one action display that took people up to the ceiling and back in a Jeep.† We were interested in the activity but not in the long lines waiting for the uphill/downhill trek.

Vehicles ranged from very economical to most luxurious.

Iím in the mood for a new vehicle and I canít make up my mind.

The most comfortable, most luxurious, most versatile vehicle on the floor was Ö for me Ö this one.

But I may keep driving what Iíve already got at home in my garage.† I like my old car too.

A Honda Odyssey seems kind of big for this lady of the house.

The End