Animal Fair-2004

The Carver County Fair is always a summer hit in this area.  As you would guess, the variety of foods is tempting and tasty, and there are attractions for everyone.  We spent time watching barrel racing at the horse arena, touring several of the business and government booths, and catching glimpses of the tractor pull.  We ate brats and kraut served by the Waconia Lions and sampled grilled shrimp on a stick from an unnamed vendor.  We drank a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade in the Beer Garden, walked the midway, and listed to squeals from the daredevil rides.  But the only time I felt the urge to take out my camera at the fair was in the animal barns.

Sows or hogs, I don't recall, but they're sure noisy and nosy.

Did you ever meet an old goat?  You better call this guy a mountain sheep.

Did you ever know an old hen?  How about a spring chicken?  This one's pretty cocky.

The only farm animal that seems to recognize humanity, and attempt a relationship, is the horse.

The eyes aren't beady or distant or ignorant.  They're friendly but careful.

Camels and giraffes always seem like first cousins to me, because of the neck thing of course.

Thank you, Waconia, for providing space each year for the Carver County Fair.

Did you know that an American engineer named George Ferris developed this amusement ride?

Did you know that an American engineer named Allan Orsen used to drive tractors?

And so did the editor.

The End

Love, Sue


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